When to hire a wedding planner?

“You’re buzzing with excitement! Ready to explode with love and happiness at everyone around you! You’re now at the start of your wedding planning journey and getting ready to design and create the most perfect wedding day of your dreams. Then reality sets in and it’s time to sit down and talk with your fiancé about budgets, spreadsheets, guests list, contracts, suppliers, insurance, and all the seemingly boring grown-up stuff…

That’s where Pure Magic comes into the picture to the rescues! It’s our job to take away all of the stress, worries and help in any and every way. They know what to do and when to do it. 

A wedding planner can help you avoid costly mistakes and negotiate deals with your suppliers.

We know what should and shouldn’t be in contracts and how much things should cost. The amount of wedding suppliers out there is daunting and it’s our job to know who can give you the best prices and the best results. We already know the best suppliers in the industry to go to plus we can do searches and checks with all of your chosen suppliers that you have in mind/booked already. 

We will create all the schedules for the run-up at the wedding and the timeline of the main event itself which we make sure everyone sticks to.


All Wedding Planners love lists! Budgets, timelines, guest lists, spreadsheets you name it, we have a template for it and it will cover every detail you can imagine plus lots that you won’t have even thought of.  We can make even the most luxurious and stunning Pinterest board come to life within your budget. 


Booking a venue with an onsite coordinator is great and very helpful. But remember that’s all they are allowed to do and usually all they can do. They come as part of your wedding package and help you with any questions you have about the venue and types of suppliers you are allowed there. If you haven’t hired a Wedding Planner you will need to research. 


Having a Wedding Planner helping you means you have more time to enjoy your engagement. No one wants to be on their laptop at 2 in the morning searching 500 local Photographers and wondering when everything will feel fun and magical again. You get one lucky chance to experience this magical and wonderful time in your life, making it fun, happy, and stress-free!

While Covid is still around we have also listed down why you would need a planner to help you navigate:

  • Downsizing your originally planned wedding

  • Communicating with your guests 

  • Distancing guidelines for your ceremony and reception table arrangements

  • Executing a plan for screening guests + vendors for symptoms

  • Finding the best location for your event that provides ample space

  • Proper cleaning + sanitizing regulations

  • Coordinating safe food practices with your caterer

  • Logistics of entertainment and equipment

  • Crafting a timeline that allows for intimate moments and a guest experience that captures your personalities

  • Working with your photographer to ensure wedding memories that prioritize safety

  • When you hire a wedding planner you are putting yourselves and your guest first in the wedding planning process. We may be an outside force in your life, but we are ready to advocate for you and the safety of your wedding celebration!